Focusing is a natural process that we are all born with the gift of. It is an inner, body-centered kind of knowing that guides us in decisions, helps us steer clear of danger, and, when deeply in tune, allows to us act from our fullest, most authentic selves.

You have likely experienced a felt sense at some point in your life. Eugene Gendlin, the founder of focusing, became curious about the felt sense after watching his father find safe passage for his family out of Austria during WWII. He noticed that his father had a way of knowing who they could trust and who to pass by. When he asked his father how this was done, his father simply tapped his chest and said, "I follow my feeling."

Years later at the University of Chicago, Gendlin would begin studying such a feeling. He wondered what kind of feeling it was that could do such things. What he and his colleagues discovered is that there is a kind of inner space that exists before words where we can listen deeply and make contact with the profound wisdom within ourselves.

When we pause and experience this space directly, we allow a felt sense to emerge. (Paraphrased from link)

Learning focusing is the process of coming in touch with your own felt sense. Some people do this very naturally, in fact almost 50% of people naturally relate to themselves in this way. What about the others? Research shows we can train ourselves how to be with our felt sense.

Whether you are a natural or cannot yet figure out what we're even talking about, the guidance of an experienced focuser on this journey can help you both more easily identify and connect with your felt sense, and deepen your inner process of relating to yourself and your experiences through your own deeply held inner wisdom.

Interested in learning? Click here to start your journey today! 

Focusing Connections

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