Focusing Connections is a Pacific Northwest based organization with a worldwide reach. It is our goal to be actively present to, aware of, and seeking to learn more deeply about issues of JUSTICE, equity, diversity, and inclusion in our world. We believe, combining the SIMPLE embodied practice of Focusing with trauma informed care burgeons a fertile space, which allow what needs to change to safely come into focus and open into rich transformation.

Our goal is to be a grassroots cooperative that can meet you where you are. We offer connection opportunities, training, and support in using the embodied process of Focusing to enhance your work, life, or play. As a community, we embrace the listening, empathic principles of focusing as a way of creating and maintaining peaceful relationships in life, be it in business, therapeutically, or with your own friends and family. If you are looking for a place where the attitudes of stillness and inner listening overcome patterns of pride and angst, you have come to the right place. We all struggle and fall short in relationships. We all have gifts and talents to offer the world.

A strong community is one that naturally amplifies your gifts while reducing your struggles through deep understanding and truly seeing you for who you are, knowing you are much more than your greatest challenge.

Please look through the site, connect with me for mentorship, drop a line if you are looking for a focusing partner, and stay tuned for other training and events to connect with. I look forward to meeting you! ~Kara

Already a Focusing professional? Please join us and add to the vision!

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Kara Hill, MA, LMHC is a Focusing-Oriented Therapist, Parent Educator, and Coach. She is a Certified Focusing Trainer, Children Focusing Practitioner, and Focusing Coordinator-in-Training, meaning she can mentor individuals at any stage of the Focusing process, from the beginning stages through Certification. She provides consultation and supervision in using the Focusing process with clients in therapy, speaks to organizations, and especially enjoys educating parents, teachers, and childcare workers. Kara has specialized training in complex trauma, parenting, conflict resolution, and dreamwork, among other things. 

While education and healing professions are a primary area of expertise, Kara works with individuals from many different fields to bring the Focusing process into their lives and businesses in a qualitative and meaningful way.

On a personal note, Kara enjoys spending time with her partner and children, connecting with many friends around the globe, reading philosophy, and taking long walks in nature, especially at the water's edge. 

Focusing Connections

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