This space features the webpages of focusing oriented professionals in the greater seattle area and across the northwest region. Please submit your business to be included.

Local practitioners who incorporate Focusing with other types of healing work:
Anastasia Brencick, LMP, massage therapist– Whidbey Island, WA
Dawn Flynn, ND, LaC., acupuncture and naturopathy – Bellevue/Renton, WA
David Martin, MD, medical doctor – North Seattle, WA
Great Life Focusing, non-dual coaching – Anacortes, WA
Jack Blackburn, massage therapist and teacher- Seattle, WA
Steven Biesmann, spiritual direction - Bend, OR

Here are a number of resources and organizations to learn more about Focusing:
Cornaplaza Life
Focusing Initiatives International
Focusing Resources
The International Focusing Institute
Focusing Centre Zeeland
Instituto de Focusing de Chile
Deutsches Focusing Institut
Getting Bigger Than What’s Bugging You
Integrative Focusing Therapy Training Program
BioSpiritual Focusing Education
Focusing and Movement

Other Focusing-Oriented therapists who may have openings for residents of Washington state:
Embodied Presence Counseling - Edmonds
Lesie Savage - Bellevue
Lori Nelson-Martin - North Seattle
Palmetto Psychotherapy & Counseling - University District
Parke Burgess - Tacoma

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Focusing Connections

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