"Crossings" refers to any way in which focusing is brought together with any other type of business, area of practice, or special interest. Dr. Eugene Gendlin, the founder of Focusing, liked to say, "Focusing and..." We can fill in the blank with endless possibilities! Focusing is not a "method" created to do a single thing. It is a practice, a philosophy, and a kind of presence that can be added to anything to bring out the true color, the unique flavor, the living, forward energy in it. Focusing has been crossed with many areas such as executive leadership, project management, artistic endeavors, decision making, teaching, parenting, other work with children, medical practices, physical therapy, massage, yoga, meditation, fundraising, writing, business operations, and much more. 

Are you running a business or engaging in a leadership position but wish you could be more effective or efficient? Perhaps you're looking to become more fluid and natural in your process, be less exhausted at the end of the day, and insert more energy into your passions. Maybe you're wanting to lead better teams, connect with people in that just right way that enlivens both of you while taking away from neither. Do you find yourself starting project after project, holding so many visions, but stuck in a cycle of never getting the kettle past lukewarm? These and many more are ways Focusing can help you enhance your "thing" no matter what that thing is.

Don't yet know what your thing is? Focusing can help you uncover your gifts and talents and discover meaningful ways for them to unfold in the world. If you've ever felt stuck, bland, or like you're just not quite reaching your full potential OR if you've felt exhausted, drained, and overstimulated by the massive amounts of movement you're creating, extreme effectiveness coupled with high demand, you might want to explore Focusing and see how it can help you find the just right balance for you, your teams, or even your own family. 

At Focusing Connections, we value: YOU! You bring yourself to the process, and we help bring your life back to you just the way you always dreamed it could be. 

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Focusing Connections

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