We are hosting two monthly changes groups. Groups are open to people who are interested in depending their Focusing practice. If you would like more information on either group, please subscribe to our mailing list for updates.


A Changes Group is simply a place to come do Focusing in a shared, supportive community. We gather together at the beginning, introduce ourselves and take a few minutes to settle in. Then we divide up into pairs or trios to trade Focusing turns. In pairs, one person will Focus while the other person reflects. We call the person who is reflecting a Companion. After the sessions we trade roles so both people get an opportunity to Focus and Companion. In trios, we typically add an observer or timekeeper role, however some people prefer to have both people present act as companions and reflect as their felt sense leads.


You may be interested in a changes group if you are interested in deepening your Focusing practice, learning Focusing for the first time, or wanting to make connections and build a community of other Focusers in your life.

Upcoming dates:

2nd Fridays: Skip 5/13 for NWFG, 6/10, 7/8, 8/12

This group generally meets on or about the 2nd Friday of the month.

3rd Sundays: Skip 5/15 for NWFG, 6/5, 7/24, 8/21

This group generally meets on or about the 3rd Sunday of the month. Holidays and Summer create variations in the schedule.

Focusing Connections

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